Cross Stitch House

Logo and publication designed to promote Cross Stitch House, a renovation by FMD architects.  The book features original poetry and conceptual photographs to emphasise the architect’s use of natural light.

House of timer, place of light
Pale reflections fill the white

Quiet space to watch the day
Sunbeams dance and shadows play

Transparent glass brings outside in
Sun shines through, warms your skin

Open setting, clean, refined
Rooms for living, built, designed

Brought to life by nature’s green
Plants like sculptures to be seen

Sense of balance, harmonious feel
The natural light is true and real

House of gold, daylight’s kisses
Cool shade where sunlight misses

Art in shadows, live in light
Bright at dawn, dim at night

Lines of thread, wooden beams
Put in place to form the seams

Solid timber, sturdy, bold
Stitch together new and old